GESTE (performance-video: 2008)

PERFORMANCE VIDEO / INSTALLATION - Two performers enact a choreography which they both know. However, they attempt to perform it without moving. In sports this is commonly called 'visualization', though it does not seem like a visual activity at all. What is a gesture before it becomes a movement? Research in neuroscience suggests that the neural development, cognition even, comes directly out of the organism's need to navigate space and time with movement. Thought is movement, or possibly a rehearsal for it. Our fascination with watching people and animals in motion may come from this. Thought is a rehearsal for movement. This piece takes the idea that thought and physical movement are two isolatable components of gesture or making meaning in space and time. In this version of this piece: the performers are recorded while standing back-to-back - in the install they projected onto opposite walls facing each other. [Performenrs: Suzanne Miller and Magali Stoll]

video (excerpt 10min):